What Is a Plush Mattress?

What Is a Plush Mattress?

A plush mattress is a very soft cushiony mattress, it was designed to be full of comfort and fluffy, almost feeling like you are sleeping on a cloud, sinking in as you lie down. This type of mattress is perfect for someone who loves a soft mattress however, if you are someone who likes or needs a firm mattress to rest well then this is not the mattress type for you.

There are different types of plush mattresses, different types of plush mattresses come in different levels of softness and are priced a little differently. 

Here are the different types:

  • Plush Hybrid

A plush hybrid mattress is both cushiony and supportive, and it provides for the ideal softness for a back sleeper alongside a side sleeper, they are priced between a mid-tier and luxury price point.

  • Plush with a Pillow Top

This a mattress that is already a very soft and fluffy mattress so, the pillow top adds to the already soft mattress making it more comfortable. The best sleeping position for this mattress would be a side sleeper and the price point for this type of mattress ranges from a budget-friendly price point to a more expensive price point.

  • Plush Innerspring/Coil

This type of mattress out of the plush mattress range is probably the firmest, making this a soft to medium-firm, making this mattress the best for a back sleeper or a side sleeper out of the other options. Unfortunately, stomach sleepers need more support, therefore needing more firmness, so unless you are a stomach sleeper and want a soft mattress then get it however, this mattress type isn’t recommended if you are a stomach sleeper. The price point for this mattress type is usually between budget-friendly and luxury pricing.

  • Plush Memory Foam

The plush memory foam as all memory foam mattresses are supportive and comfortable, this mattress is good for side sleepers that need a little more contouring and support around pressure points such as their shoulder and hips. The price point of these mattresses is between mid-tier and luxury price points.

A mattress's firmness is usually measured on a scale between 1-10, and the plush mattress ranks fairly low on this scale, between the numbers 3 or 4, making it not very firm at all and more on the softer side. However, this number doesn’t mean that a plush mattress isn’t supportive, it is a supportive mattress while being on the softer side, it cradles you as you sleep so it feels like you are sleeping on a cloud, great for those who prefer comfort and softness in a mattress over a firm mattress.

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