What Is a Reflex Foam Mattress?

What Is a Reflex Foam Mattress?

A reflex foam mattress is a type of medium-firm high-density polyurethane foam, a reflex foam mattress is commonly used for orthopaedic mattresses because of its properties and this material is relatively cheaper than memory foam too.

A reflex foam mattress and a memory foam mattress have some similar characteristics, such as how they both bounce back into shape once pressure is taken off of them. A reflex foam mattress is made up of tiny holes that are able to adapt to your body shape a little bit and they bounce back into shape; this quality is often found in orthopaedic mattresses or in memory foam mattresses. A reflex foam mattress is very flexible and is able to restore to its shape very quickly, that’s why it is called ‘reflex’.

Reflex foam mattresses have some benefits to them such as:

  • They are naturally hypoallergenic making them dust mite resistant and resistant to many other things that you may be sensitive to.
  • They have a firm orthopaedic feel to them as reflex foam can offer a firmer feel thus, they provide good spinal alignment.
  • The versatility of this foam allows it to take a lot of forms in a mattress.
  • They distribute weight healthily.
  • They are quite cheap, especially in comparison to some other materials.
  • Reflex foam mattresses are durable, thus making them good mattresses for long term use.

Is a reflex foam mattress good for me?

If you are someone that has allergies or is sensitive to things like dust then a reflex foam mattress is a good option for you, if you are someone who needs an orthopaedic mattress then a reflex foam mattress may prove to be beneficial to you as the support that it provides you ensures that you have a healthy spine alignment. As this mattress evenly spreads out your weight it reduces pains such as neck and back pain as it evens out the pressure that would usually be present in those places. This is a good mattress type if you are someone that is looking for all of the things that are listed above.

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