What Is A Super Single Mattress Size?

What is a super single mattress size?

A super single mattress is the same size as a mattress which is ¾ in size, also, known as a short full. A super single mattress has multiple names. If you are looking to purchase a super single size mattress then you can visit (Top 6) Best "Super Single" Mattresses to Buy Online in 2022 (abedderworld.com) to find your best super single mattresses to suit your needs and preferences too.

We have done all the investigation and listed our top picks for the best three-quarter mattresses on the market today.

What is a super single mattress used for?

A super single mattress is used for an additional sleeping space, but unfortunately, it can be quite difficult to find a replacement for this mattress as it is not sold in the UK, but it is sold on US sites.

We recommend the Brooklyn Signature Hybrid mattress as it comes in a range of sizes including super single which is also, known as short full. This mattress has dimensions of 11.5” x 38” x 80”. The weight of the mattress is 70 lbs and comes in three levels of firmness depending on your preference. To purchase now visit: Brooklyn Signature Hybrid: Our Best-Selling Mattress - Brooklyn Bedding.

Things to bear in mind before buying a super single mattress:

Regularity of Use: We recommended the best super single mattress in our opinion which meets all standards and budgets. However, think about how often your mattress will be used. Will your super single mattress be used occasionally? Will it be used for guests or everyday use? If you are going to be using your super single mattress occasionally you might want to go for a budget-friendly mattress instead.

Customisations: Before ordering your super single mattress, check if the mattress will fit your small space or the space you are planning to place your mattress whether it be the guest bedroom or your small living room. Check to see if you need to cut any notches or corners and if so, see if the manufacturer can do so.

Although, also keep in mind that on customisations some companies do not accept returns, so do read the terms and conditions, and all the information available related to the product before ordering.

Price: Usually, the most expensive a mattress is the higher the quality materials are, but this is not always the case, sometimes budget-friendly mattresses are as equally as great. Although, we also, do believe that the higher the price, the better the quality, and the longer the super single mattress will last too.

The diverse types of super single mattresses:

  • Hybrid mattresses
  • Memory foam mattresses
  • Latex mattresses

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