What Is A TV Bed?

What is a TV bed?

A TV bed is a regular upholstered fabric bed which comes with a compartment in the footboard of your bed which stores a TV inside. This is an opulent alternative to hanging the tv on the wall or putting it on top of set a drawer. You can find TV beds in a range of sizes, colours, and styles from single and double and even as large as king size beds too. Storage beds can also double up as ottoman beds too, which beneficial as it also works to maximise your storage, you can store away anything your hide desires from extra bedding and blankets to DVD collections and game consoles. 

TV beds have many advantages, and these include:


Ideal for lie ins- TV beds are perfect for those lazy days when you just want to lie in bed and watch tv all day. Many people do not have this luxury as they have limited space in their rooms so opt out of purchasing tv’s but with the tv bed you do not need to worry about this as the tv can be tucked away in the widen compartment at the foot of the bed when you are not using it which of course saves space. 

Conceals wires- A tv bed will have built in areas in the bed where the wires can be hidden. Majority of tv beds have specially made compartments where you are able to put away extra leads and cables, remotes, gaming consoles and satellite equipment. If you are willing to spend that little bit of extra money and purchase a higher end tv bed, then you can also get tv beds that come with built in surround sound systems.  When purchasing a tv bed you will no longer have to worry about those pesky wires that never look appealing but always create tripping hazards. 

Additional storage- Tv beds are a great choice for smaller bedrooms, as they offer extra storage. This is perfect because it will free up wardrobe space as you will probably be storing items such as extra bedding, pillows, and blankets in your wardrobe with the limited space your bedroom has to offer. But when you purchase a tv bed that also comes with storage space you can store all these items in then hidden storage compartments that are built into the bed, this will also give you extra space in your wardrobe for clothes and other items you use on more of a daily basis. 

Gives a modern look- Most people spend ample amounts of times on the perfect style and décor for their bedroom as this is the space you could potentially spend the most amount of time in so you would want it to look perfect. The perfect pillows and duvet cover also make a big difference to the look and feel of the room similarly to how the bed frame does. If you purchase the standard black tv it will not look aesthetically appealing or match the vibe of the rest of the bedroom and this can ruin all the hard work, you have put into designing the bedroom. If you purchase a tv bed you won’t have to deal with this problem as the tv is concealed at the foot of the bed when you do not wish to use it. 

Removes the worry of deciding where to put the tv- When purchasing a tv bed you eliminate the worry and draining thought process in where to put the tv. You will not need to decide on what tv stand to buy because your tv will already have its place.  This will get rid of the extra clutter in your bedroom and empty on your wall, wardrobe or chest of draws.

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