What Is An Innerspring Mattress?

What is an innerspring mattress?

An innerspring mattress is the oldest and most common type of mattress out there. This type of mattress has a metal wire structure that is then combined with springs. This combination creates the frame of the mattress, the frame is then covered in fabric, and a cushioning material is also added to the top of the mattress to provide additional support and comfort.

Innerspring mattress advantages and disadvantages

Innerspring advantages:

The innerspring mattress has an established style and feel. This is because the innerspring mattress is the oldest and most common type and style of mattress that has been used out of the three main mattress types. In comparison to hybrid and memory foam mattresses, the innerspring mattress has a plush quilted top that is generally designed in levels. The levels are pillow top, plush, medium or luxury firm. If you are a person who prefers the traditional feel of a spring mattress as the comfort of a quilted top, then the innerspring mattress is the perfect mattress for you to purchase.

The innerspring mattress has no memory foam. The amount of memory foam in your innerspring mattress is entirely dependent on you and your own likes and preferences. Everyone is different and some people and memory foam may just not be as comfortable as an innerspring mattress would be to them. Even though memory foam is extremely popular, and many people love it, there are people out there who feel as if it is harsher than the standard materials that are used in a mattress for support. If your mattress is made from a cheaper type of memory foam, then it can start to retain and absorb body heat which is not ideal for people who are hot sleepers.

The innerspring mattress has a spring base which makes for easier motion. Many people love the smoother surface coiled base of the innerspring mattress as it can help to make motion easier than other mattresses might. Unlike memory foam, the innerspring mattress does not have motion transfer. As well as making it easier for motion the innerspring mattress also provides additional support due to its coil-spring frame which not only provides additional support in specific areas but along the whole base of the bed too.

Innerspring mattresses are available at a range of prices. The innerspring mattress is a traditional mattress known for its classic design and feel and because of this, it can be purchased at a range of prices which is ideal as you can find a mattress that fits in your price range.

Innerspring disadvantages:

The lack of memory foam in an innerspring mattress could be a disadvantage to many people. This is because some people prefer the support and feel a memory foam mattress offers rather than the traditional spring feeling that an innerspring mattress provides. If you are a person who enjoys the joint support and cooling features that a memory foam mattress provides, then I would give the innerspring mattress a miss. However, if you enjoy both an innerspring mattress and a memory foam mattress, then the best option for you is a hybrid mattress. Hybrid mattresses have the classic elements of an innerspring mattress as well as the modern features of a memory foam mattress.

The springs in an innerspring mattress can fail. An innerspring mattress is susceptible to a broken spring this can happen if too much pressure is applied or from years of wear and tear.

As the innerspring mattress has been around for many years. There are mattresses that are made from a range of materials with different levels of quality. Some innerspring mattresses are made from lower-quality materials to reduce cost and boost profit. A mattress that is made from lower-quality materials will be cheaper but will not last as long as a mattress that is made from better more expensive materials.

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