What Is An Ottoman Bed?

Everything you need to know about ottoman beds

What is an ottoman bed?

An ottoman bed was a bed in the Ottoman Empire that was used as both a bed and additional storage space. Even though now the ottoman bed has been modernised with the gas lift-hydraulics system, the purpose of the bed has always stayed the same.

Ottoman bed pros:

Additional storage space- The main pro of purchasing a storage bed is the amount of storage space you receive underneath the mattress. Ottoman beds are the only storage beds that utilise the whole space of the bed bas as storage space, other beds such as the divan bed only have a few drawers as storage space. The storage space is perfect for bulkier items such as spare pillows, duvets, coats and anything else you want to store away.

Long-lasting quality- ottoman beds are designed to be strong and sturdy. This is because the whole base of the bed creates a spacious storage compartment. Ottoman beds are created to stand the test of time, so your mind should be at ease knowing you will be getting your money's worth out of the bed.

Easy to assemble- ottomans are very easy and straightforward to assemble and put together.

Chose the right size ottoman bed:

It is extremely important that you purchase the right size ottoman bed whether that is a single, double, or king size ottoman bed. You need to measure the area in your bedroom where you want the bed to go, so you are aware of the size of bed you can purchase.

What are the different styles of ottoman bed?

Wooden ottoman bed- if you are looking for a classic bed that is strong and durable, then the traditional wooden ottoman bed is perfect for you. The wooden ottoman looks great in any bedroom, no matter the décor or theme of the room.

Upholstered ottoman bed- the upholstered ottoman bed gives a softer and cosier vibe to any bedroom. This is because it is wrapped in plush fabric that gives a luxurious feel. This bed also can be purchased in a range of colours and fabrics.

TV ottoman bed- the TV ottoman bed is perfect for anyone who is trying to save space or has limited space. The TV ottoman bed has ample storage space this is because it the lift hydraulics system that lifts to reveal the large amount of storage space that is hidden underneath the mattress. As well as the storage space, it also has a built-in area in the footboard of the bed which will house your TV too.

Things to think about when you are considering purchasing an ottoman bed:

If you are considering buying an ottoman bed, then you made a great decision as they are not only practical but stylish too. But before you purchase the bed, here are a few things you should consider:

  • Does the base of the ottoman bed lift up from the side of the bed or the base of the bed?
  • For the weight of your mattress, you should check the weight capacity that the ottoman bed has for a mattress.
  • The space you have available in your room and what size ottoman would fit best.
  • How much storage do you require?

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