What Is the Best Mattress For A Car Camping?

What is the best mattress for a car camping? 

As we all know that mattresses can come in a range of types and sizes but the most frequent thing that comes to mind would be if you can transport that mattress in your car.  

As the largest SUVs and vans that could accommodate twin air mattresses. As some mattresses are not ideally sized to maximise cargo space a mobile mattress that is designed to fit in a car will do a better job. Make use of every inch of space for a more comfortable sleep. 

Another thing that people would be worried about is that they could damage the bedding or worse ruin the mattress. For example, your kids can run and jump onto your bed but when it is your dog let us not forget  

that they have long, hard nails that can puncture the mattress. To save your mattress from being punctured by your dog’s claws then you should cut their claws regularly.  

Now how are you going to make sure that you can clean up all the dog hair off your mattress, well there are many things that you can use rubber gloves, a lint roller, shake the blanket outside, use a vacuum, try a dryer sheet, or try a dry sponge. All of these are just some examples of what you can use to remove dog hair off the bed.  

Now back to the question: can an air mattress fit in the car? Air mattresses are designed to accommodate the back seat of your cars, like compact cars, sedans, and SUVs. The back seat bed includes two separate inflated ‘feet’ that will support the mattress. You can fit into the front of the seats and contour around the console.  

What size is a car air mattress?

68.0 x 31.5 x 3.9 inches  

Product dimensions 68.9 “L X 31.5 “W X 31.5” T 

The weight limit is six hundred pounds.

Here is an example of an SUV air mattress: 72.8 x 51.2 x 4.7 inches, it can weigh up to three kilograms and can fit in most cars such as MPV, SUVs, Saloon cars, and more. 

So, how can you protect your air mattress?

  • Use a groundsheet under the tent  
  • Lay the tarp under the mattress inside the tent  
  • Purchase an air mattress cover that goes around like a large pillowcase  And an extra sheet on top of the mattress that helps stop any wear or tears, add insulation and comfort.  

How can you sleep in your car and what do you need to do? 

Firstly, make sure you text someone your location before going to sleep, also  do not sleep on the side of the road  

Next, try to make a sleeping surface that is flat and long as possible. 

Finally, make sure you check so you do not leave the car running or leave the key in the ‘on’ position overnight.  

Car beds 

Now let us move on to find out if car beds are useful when it comes to road trips when you are taking your kids. The car beds can easily be installed in the back seat with an inflatable mattress that can be self–adjusted. 

Now air mattresses - what can you put under them? Air mattresses have vinyl or plastic which is underneath that will prevent movement and sliding. It can make a squeaking noise all night so make sure you put it on a Harwood floor or on a carpet, or rug or drop a blanket under it.  

For example, fitting an air mattress in a Rav4, the mattress is in one piece that has two separate chambers that can be inflated when needed. It gives you the option whether or one side to save space when travelling or you are doing a  solo or a double for two campers.  

How could someone camp in a car? 

What are the few things that people need to do when they would like to camp in their car, so firstly make sure that you park the car out of the way and what permits that you will be needing? When you are going to sleep in your car make sure that you sleep with your head facing the front of the car. 

Finally, now you will just need to be prepared with the essentials which are about just ten items. And most importantly that you keep your electronics always charged.  

The most important thing that you would be asking is if you could sleep on an air mattress permanently as this inflatable mattress is not known to give you the support that should be provided. The air mattress can be used to sleep on once and a while but when it comes to the long term then this would lead to back pain and stiffness. As there will not be proper support for your spine that could lead to it being moved out of the alignment that will give you a night of restorative sleep.  

As the air mattress can last up until two to eight years but that is if only you can occasionally use and cared for it properly. Now when storing the mattress what you need to do is deflate the mattress fully then store it in a carry bag when not in use. Make sure when you store the mattress in a cool, dry place that has no sharp objects to ensure that they do not get punctured.

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