What Is The Definition Of A Four-Poster Bed?

What is the definition of a four-poster bed?

To put it simply the definition of a four-poster bed is a bed with a post in each corner that supports a canopy. Another way to define the four-poster bed is by saying it’s a big, old-fashioned bed with posts on each corner with supports and a frame that has beams to allow curtains to hang.

You can also say a four-poster bed is a bed that has four tall columns, one column in each corner that is designed to support the upper panel. The upper panel will usually have rails attached to it that will allow curtains to be hung and pulled around the bed. The four-poster bed dates all the way back to the 16th century and a majority of these beds are made from oak and are very ornate.

Four-poster beds were only created for practical reasons. The purpose of the curtains on a four-poster bed was to keep in warmth. Rooms at that time were very cold and draughty so adding curtains to the bed would help trap body heat and in turn to keep the sleeper warm. The curtains also served another purpose and that was to give privacy, this was important because servants and bodyguards usually slept in the same room, particularly in the case of royalty. The curtain would also both the royals to their privacy as well as the servant and guards in the bedroom too as the curtain could be drawn and both parties could sleep without anyone washing them.

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