What Is the Difference Between A Cot Bed And A Cot?

What is the difference between a cot bed and a cot?

The most secure spot for your child to rest is in their cot or cot bed, which is why we’re here to help clear any confusion on which is the best.

A Moses basket or cot is a protected spot for a child to rest. Explore our item guide for help choosing a bed for your child.

What is a cot and what is a cot bed?

A cot is a frame with wooden frames and vertical wooden bars for when a child is standing up and it also has a baby mattress with dimensions of 140 x 70cm which is the standard size in the UK which will fit flawlessly into the bed frame leaving no gaps for extra security and another size is 120cm x 60cm. Cots are mostly used from birth until a child is 2 years of age.

A cot is a smaller version that is designed for children with removal sides and a removable panel at the end that can convert it into toddler-sized bedding. Most children outgrow this by the age of 1 year, but cot beds can last children up to 7 or 8 years of age.

Main differences between a cot and a cot bed

If you don’t have enough space for larger furniture a cot is the best option as it takes up less space which gives you enough space for storage boxes and toys.

A cot bed has a removal panel to convert it to a lower size for your toddler and a cot bed is larger than the cot but smaller than a single bed and requires a specific mattress and bedding. Also, if you are attempting to save money for your child’s future then a regular cot is the best option too as it is more worth the money.

Although a cot bed is somewhat more expensive, the consumer gets two times the use out of it, so in a way, it can also be more cost-effective than a regular cot.

Overall, the choice between the two is up to you as the parents especially if you are looking for a cost-effective solution that saves you money and space and a long-term solution. Also, depending on if you would like to have more children in the future a cot would be the best if not then a cot bed.

Should I choose a cot or cot bed?

Eventually, your decision on a cot or a cot bed will be inspired by a mixture of factors, with the size of the nursery being the most common decision-maker.

There are also other considerations to think about when deciding is a cot best or a cot bed, such as whether you plan to have more children, your budget and whether you like the idea of being able to convert a cot into a bed once your baby is old enough.

Benefits of a Cot

A traditional cot is suitable from birth until your child is at least 2 years old. They are smaller than a cot bed and so are an excellent choice for a small nursery.

Being smaller also means that if your baby is still resting in your bedroom, their cot is taking up less space than a cot bed would. The Vox 4 You Baby Cot with Storage in White & Oak has the added element of a removable side, so it can be placed next to your bed, making night-time feeding easier.

If you are planning on having more than one child with a small age gap, a cot may be a more sensible choice as you can use the cot for the new baby and upgrade to a kids single bed for your older child.

Benefits of a Cot Bed

A cot bed is a cot with detachable sides and a detachable end panel. Due to this feature, this means it can be converted into a toddler-sized bed. The main benefit of this feature is that it eliminates the need to buy another bed, making it suitable from birth until approximately 6 to 7 years old.

Cot beds offer up more space for your baby to move around and are less expensive than a cot.

What to consider when choosing a cot or a cot bed?

  • Design, including removable bars, height, and aesthetics
  • Price
  • Safety

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