What Is The Difference Between A Twin And A Twin Full?

What Is The Difference Between A Twin And A Twin Full?  

There is a slight difference between the twin and the full, the difference in mainly in the width, a full-size twin mattress is wider than a twin mattress by 15 inches, this is a big difference. This difference allows for two people to sleep on a full twin mattress since normally on a twin only an individual could fit in it. A twin mattress was original designed to be used by one person so although two people can sleep on it won't be very comfortable and it would be very snug.  

Here are the dimensions of a twin and a full twin so that you are able to get a better idea of the size difference.  


Dimensions: 38” x 75” 

Surface area: 2,850 square inches 

Twin full 

Dimensions: 53” x 75” 

Surface area: 3,975 square inches 

As you can see the only difference appearance wise is that the twin full in 15 inches long width wise, but apart from that everything else is the same, something else that would be different between the two is that a twin full would cost a little more for obvious reasons.  

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