What Is The Purpose Of A Bed Frame?

What is the purpose of a bed frame?

A bed frame is the part of the bed that is designed to correctly place the bed base, the flat part of the bed frame is made to support the mattress. The bed frame also works in preventing the mattress from sliding around. Bed frame are generally created from wood or metal. 

The purpose and benefits of a bed frame:

A bed frame isn’t the most important thing, and you can just use your mattress placed directly on the floor, however, there are an increased number of benefits to use a bed frame, and these include:

Support- The primary purpose of a bed frame is to deliver sufficient support and weight distribution to the mattress. A well-made bed frame can keep the mattress stable and prevent sagging which is key. I know many people think that the floor can offer the same level of support that a bed frame can but sadly they are mistaken. Each bed frame is different and offers varied levels of support depending on what your needs maybe. This is one of the reasons to why a bed frame is a lot more flexible than the floor would be in regard to the amount of support you would receive. There are also specially designed bed frames catered to certain mattress types which allows even better support.  

Breathability- This may be hard to believe but not using a bed frame can also affect an individual’s health. A bed frames main job is the elevate the mattress off of the floor and better breathability can shield sleepers from factors such as mould, bacteria and dust mites that may be found in the mattress. Improved breathability ultimately means the sleeper is experiencing a safer sleep setting and a lessened probability of allergies. 

Improved mobility- Having the mattress on the floor leads to increased challenges in mobility as it can be difficult to get out of bed. This is because when the mattress is on the floor it is placed extremely low and individuals who suffer with pre-existing mobility issues will struggle to use it. Hence, a bed frame is vital for individuals who suffer with back pain, arthritis, painful joints, chronic pain etc. 

Storage space- Elevating the mattress off of the ground does a lot more than just stimulate air circulation and increase mobility. It also provides increased storage space, which is useful for small rooms as it will allow you to keep boxes and containers under the bed and out of the way. Also, you can purchase a number of bed frames that already come with built in storage which is handy.  

What happens if you choose not to use a bed frame?

A bed frame is something you should consider if you want to escape a number of unpleasant outcomes. 

Using a mattress without a bed frame decreases mobility and makes it a daily struggle to get in and out of bed which is never fun. Also having the mattress so close to the floor can also make you feel colder than you would if your mattress was lifted. You may also experience moisture build-up inside of the mattress when it is not being raised this is because there is no air being circulated under it and this can encourage dust mites and mould. This will consequently cause allergic reactions and the sleeper will experience a lesser quality of sleep. 

Having your mattress on the floor can also make your mattress feel firmer than it would if you were using a bed frame that had sprung slats for example. This level of firmness isn’t the desired feel for all sleepers and can even cause intense pressure points and pain.

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