What Mattress Should I Buy?

What Mattress Should I Buy?

There are many types of mattresses around, however, it can be a
daunting and difficult process, so in this blog, I have listed a few
properties that some mattresses have to help you make your decision as
picking a mattress that is suitable for you is very important since you are
going to be laying on it every night and want the best level of comfort
and durability.

Traditional spring mattress

What is a traditional spring mattress, well a traditional spring mattress
usually consists of springs that mould around your body, it gives support
while you sleep. Traditional spring mattresses are also known as “open
spring” and “open coil”
They come in a variety of sizes and is a perfect choice for any bedroom,
it is a great value for money as they last quite long if taken care of
appropriately. Spring mattresses are firmer than other mattresses giving
more bounce to them. Also allowing it to have great support for anyone.

Pocket spring mattress

Pocket spring mattresses are mattresses that contain small springs that
are sewn into their pocket of fabric. Allowing the springs to work alone
allowing even pressure to be applied while lying on top.
Pocket spring mattresses are great for people with back pains as it is a
very soft mattress that supports every part of your body. The mattress
also allows you to sink into creating comfort.

Memory foam mattress

Memory foam mattresses consist of a layer of foam, they are very
comfortable and adjusts to the shape and movement as you sleep.
Memory foam is very soft and allows you to sink in
Memory foam also comes as mattress toppers to help people who can’t
buy a full memory foam mattress to still enjoy the comfort of an original
memory foam mattress these are attached by elastic bands that are
sewn into the toppers and attached to the mattress as you would a
bedspread. Making it easy and functional to use.

Gel mattress

Gel mattresses aren’t common but they still exist, they are a combination
of gel foam and foam. They can also be a combination of gel foam and
spring. Gel foam is mixed with gel beads to help regulate body
temperature while sleeping. Other than this they work the same as a
foam mattress by moulding around the body while also having the gel
beads to create an extreme level of comfort.

Latex mattress

Latex mattresses have an elastic property so they can respond to your
body movements it is naturally resident and can maintain their shape
and elasticity for many years. Latex foam can be made from natural and
synthetic materials. There are no harsh chemicals in a latex mattress as
the rubber is produced from tree sap. It is a very eco-friendly mattress.

Combination hybrid mattress

Combination / hybrid mattresses are spring mattresses that I mixed with
either memory foam, latex or foam materials, the spring is used to create
support and the other layers are added on top. This helps in many ways
as you are getting support with body temperature, a decent amount of
pressure against your body helping to relieve body pain, and a soft top
layer to lay against your skin.

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