What Office Chair Is Best For Backs?

What office chair is best for backs?

There are many chairs that are great for back problems, however not every chair can help with everyone's back, therefore many chairs are made and advertised to help with back problems to make sure everyone has a chair that helps them.

Mesh chairs:

Mesh chairs improve posture and help reduce aches and pains, they may not look very supportive however they are very comfortable, and they may help with any back problems. Although if you need more support, you can add a pillow for support.

Leather chairs:

Leather chairs have extra padding that is usually made of foam, by sitting on the chair for long periods of time your body may Mould to the chair supporting the contours of your back and providing support which also relieves any pains

Chairs with armrests:

Chairs with armrests help support the upper limbs and prevent extra weight put on the lower back. Using a chair with an armrest can help your posture and prevents your shoulders from shrugging.

Padded chairs:

Padded chairs may seem like they will help with any back problems you may experience, however, padded chairs are not always made to contour your body, they can be quite big which can cause more problems and less support as the padding is not aligned with the body. So, if you do decide to buy a padded chair for extra support you should use pillows as spine support.

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