What Pillow Should I Buy?

What pillow should I buy?

When looking into what pillow you should buy, you should take into consideration the types of pillows you have slept on before, this will help you find which pillows are suitable for you and will feel comfortable to you. If you still don’t know what pillow to get be sure to read reviews on the types of pillows you are looking to buy, as this will give you more insight into others’ experiences.

Where to buy great quality pillows?

There are many places where you can purchase pillows for example mattress stores sell pillows, you can find pillows online and through other stores that sell home goods. You will find the most luck online as you can see the price range, you can see where you can buy it, you can find out what materials the pillows are made of, and you can also read reviews and pick which pillow is best for you.

Different types of pillows:

Down pillows:

Down pillows are made from soft fibres and sometimes they are blended with feathers they are durable, soft and cushiony, down pillows are mouldable. However, they can retain body heat, they can be difficult to clean and can cause allergic reactions, and they also require constant fluffing to maintain their shape.

Feather pillows:

Feather pillows offer comfort and support and don’t lose shape easily. Feathered pillows are affordable, lightweight, and mouldable. However, they are difficult to clean, they retain body heat, and they need fluffing often. Feathered pillows are best for back and side sleepers.

Cotton pillows:

Cotton pillows are a classic material often used in the making of pillows, they are great for those who are allergic to synthetic materials, also cotton pillows are simple to clean and easy to wash. They are also light and breathable as well as odourless. However, they can be quite lumpy, they don’t mould to the shape of your head and they need regular cleaning they are best for those who sleep on their back, side and stomach.

Memory foam pillows:

Memory foam pillows are very popular as they contour and hold to your body, so they are great for sleeping in any position. Memory foam pillows allow the head to feel supported and comfortable when laying against it. They contour your body, offer pain relief and don’t clump. However, they do retain body heat and aren’t breathable. They are great for those who sleep on their back, side and stomach.

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