What Size Is A Standard Pillow?

What size is a standard pillow?

After you have purchased your dream mattresses in the perfect size then next it’s time to buy your bed pillows. Pillows do also come in different sizes and you can buy a pillow depending on the size of mattress you have. However, the majority of people only ever purchase the standard pillow size as it fits almost any size of the bed.

Standard pillow dimensions:

A standard pillow measures 20 inches in width and 26 inches in length. This pillow size is perfect for any size of bed regardless if you have a single bed or a California king bed, the will fit any bed.

This size of the pillow is ideal for sleepers who don’t change position much during the night. However, if you ate are a combination sleeper who likes to change their position throughout the night then you may face some difficulty with the pillow slipping and sliding. Though this isn’t a big issue, it can cause annoyance and you may even suffer from neck pain because of it. But, if you are someone who enjoys sleeping on your side, back or stomach, then this is an ideal pillow for you.

You can use one standard pillow for a single bed and if you have a larger bed a double, Queen or even a king then you can place two standard pillows side by side across the bed. But if you have a California king bed you may need three standard pillows as the width of this bed is a lot wider than a standard king.

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