What To Do With Your Mattress

What to do with your mattress

You can take the mattress to a tip. But it’s just going to end up as a landfill, instead, you could pay and let the council collect the mattress. you could also take the mattress to a recycling centre. Ways of moving the mattress are simple you could call in professionals or you can take it yourself in a car or can.

Some of the places that take in mattress donations are 

  • The British red cross 
  • Furniture stores
  • Benson’s and bed 


You should consider recycling your mattresses by taking them to a recycling centre, or if you contact your council they will send members to collect them. By doing this you are helping the environment.

The parts in a mattress that are recyclable:

  • Springs -Springs are reusable and can be melted to make anything 
  • Wadding – businesses can recycle the materials by using the wadding to stuff other things such as pillows and sofas.
  • Foam – foam has many qualities and can be used for various other things. 
  • Mattress cover- mattress covers can be reused and they can also be used as refuse fuel.


You can dispose of the mattress by just throwing it in a tip but it will just end up in the landfill. It is better to donate it as it will do more good for the environment and it is more reasonable however if the mattress is so damaged that there’s nothing to salvage, then disposing of it seems like the right thing to do.

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