What To Keep Your Eye Out For When Purchasing A Storage Bed

What to keep your eye out for when purchasing a storage bed

What is a storage bed?

A storage bed is a bed that has storage compartments that are hidden away and cannot be seen. There are different types of storage beds, there are the ottoman bed frame and the divan beds. The ottoman bed has a gas lift hydraulic system that raises the bed and uncovers ample storage bed that is hidden away underneath. And the divan bed frame has multiple drawers that are built into the sides of the end of the bed that offer storage space, the divan bed, however, does not offer as much storage space as the ottoman bed does. 

What to look out for when buying a storage bed:

The first thing you should look at when you want to order a storage bed is the type of bed base the storage bed has. Storage beds use the sprung slatted bed base as the foundations of almost all storage beds, but the sprung slatted bed bases are all different and have differing levels of quality. Some storage beds for sale also have a boarded base, but these beds will cost a lot more as the base is a lot more durable and sturdier than the other bases. The boarded base also costs more as the materials that are used to create it are of a higher quality which is why they are as strong and well-made as they are.

The second thing to look at is the internal storage space. Storage beds vary in price, and this is mainly due to the amount of storage that each bed provides, the more storage a bed provides the higher the price will be. Basic storage beds do not have a floor on the inside of the bed, this then would mean that the items would be sitting on the floor. There are storage beds that come with a lining that is built into the bottom of the storage area of the bed, so when you are storing items in the bed rather than them sitting on the floor, they are sitting on some lining which is protecting them from dust and dirt. If you didn’t mind spending a little extra a purchasing a better-quality storage bed, then you could also have a storage bed that has a floating floor, this means that your items will be lifted and won’t be sitting on the ground.

The third thing to look out for is the gas lift pistons. When purchasing a storage bed, you should look at the sturdiness of the pistons that are utilized in the storage bed. The strength of the pistons will determine how heavy of a mattress you will be able to use on the bed and how easy the bed will lift and close.

The fourth thing you should consider when purchasing a storage bed is the style of the storage bed. There are two styles the divan bed style and the bedstead ottoman style. A divan ottoman bed style has a boarded floor so your items can be placed on top, and they won’t be sitting on the floor and collecting dust. The divan ottoman bed also comes in a range of colours, styles and fabrics, so it is entirely customisable and perfect for almost everyone as you can design it to your own taste and preference. These beds are very easy to lift and can handle a heavier mattress. They are also of better quality and are made with a boarded base rather than a sprung slatted base which isn’t made with the same quality of materials.

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