What's The Best Pillow For A Baby?

What’s the best pillow for a baby?

A newborn baby is going to sleep at least 16 hours a day. Babies love to have good, long naps and that is why you should make sure that they are kept in the right environment. Most parents are going to think about the significant aspects of what a newborn baby needs and will endeavour to build a great cot for them.

Parents will go out of their way to get a nice set of toys that will rattle, but you should also think about the pillow that they are going to rest on. When you are buying a pillow, you will need to make sure that the one that you are using is adequate as well.

Why do you need to buy a good pillow for a newborn baby?

Understanding what the benefits of having a pillow for a newborn are is crucial when choosing the right pillow for your baby. If you don't understand what these merits are, then you are unlikely to make a good decision in the long run.

Some things to consider before you purchase a pillow for your baby:

Even distribution of temperature

There is no doubt that a newborn baby spends most of their time sleeping. This means they could end up sweating a lot, especially in unfriendly weather.

Better blood circulation

Did you know that it will improve blood circulation and make it easier for the child’s brain to grow and develop? So, using a pillow will ensure that enough blood gets to the brain and the rest of the body.

Furthermore, it ensures that no developing organs get hurt or compromised in the long run. You must aim at getting the right pillow that can barely compromise the natural posture of the child.

Keeping flat-head syndrome away

Usually, with time, it is always necessary for the baby you should start raising its head. That is because they can finally get the strength to start lifting it. If it doesn’t happen any sooner then, the child could end up sleeping most of the time sleeping on its back. This position could hurt the head of your child and expose them to a flat head.

So, you should use a pillow for the baby as it ensures that the baby remains protected.

Some products we recommend are:

W WelLifes baby pillow

Best for infants from the ages of 1 and 12 months to protect against flat head syndrome.

What makes the pillow fantastic is its breathable 3D mesh construction. The pillow is designed to maintain cool air during summer and warm air during winter. The back is ventilated with 3D cool air fabric and the front is 100% organic cotton.

The pillow is cute with a concave centre that is meant for flathead prevention and is made of 100% hypoallergenic 3D air mesh filling.

What you may not like is that it pulls the baby’s hair, that is the biggest undoing of the pillow is that it could slowly pull the baby’s hair after a long time of use. Despite the softness that will come with the pillow, it will lose its softness when it’s washed, especially through the dryer.

Babymoov love nest pillow

Baby head support – grey, cotton, plush

The pillow is best for infants between the ages of 1 and 12 months and will provide the paediatric support that will prevent a flat infant head from 0 plus.

The pillow will come with a patented design that will help to distribute the pressure evenly in the skull while allowing the babies to move their heads quickly. Also, the pillow is made from a luxurious and breathable fabric that is gentle on the baby’s skin and assures maximum comfort and is lightweight and easy to use.

What you’re not going to like about the pillow is that it’s the same as W WelLifes baby pillow that it will make your baby’s hair fall out and the holes in the pillow are too small, some babies are born big or small or grow up too so this will render this pillow uncomfortable.

Is it safe to use a pillow for a newborn?

There would be no reason to worry about when using a pillow for a newborn baby. The pillow will become relatively widely spread thanks to its reliability, durability, and value for money.

However, it’s necessary that you consider constant adult supervision, lest the child ends up choking itself. Remember choking with a pillow is significant among contributors to sudden infant deaths across the world.

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