When is the best time to buy sofa bed for your dogs?

When is the best time to buy sofa bed for your dogs? 

We all love cuddling up with our furry friends, but this comes at a price when it comes to wear and tear on our expensive living room furniture, space, and can lead to a number of behaviour problems. Dogs in our bed can present issues for hygiene as well as allergies. Fear not a doggy sofa bed could be the answer to our pets having their own space without feeling any less part of the family pack. 
 Is your dog getting a little too comfortable in your bed? 
Having your dogs in bed with you can actually make you sick as well as trigger allergies. Co-sleeping can also make house training difficult; your sleep can be disrupted, and dogs can become bed hogs. 
 Are your dog’s stealing your sofa? 
We all want our furry friends to take part in family life but when they take up your sofa it can lead to problems with keeping on top of the cleaning, having enough space for everyone to sit but more importantly it can lead to more seriously bad doggy behaviour. 
why is my dog being territorial? 
Dogs are pact animals this means dogs will see your family members as part of a pact. Allowing your dog to be on your bed or allowing them to sleep with you in your bed, leads a dog to believe that they are equal to you in the pact.  This can then progress to a dog believing they are above you in a pact hierarchy. Unfortunately, this can lead to a dog acting territorial. Some dog owners have experienced their dog glowing and snaping at them when they have attempted to move their dogs off the bed. 
Can a sofa bed be the solution? 
A sofa bed is a great way of giving a dog their own space. A sofa bed is also a great way to get some better-quality sleep in. having a sofa bed will also help with house training and you won’t have to worry about them stealing your sofa seat again all without them feeling any less a part of the pack. 

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