When Should You Add A Pillow To The Crib?

When should you add a pillow to the crib?

There is not an exact age of when you should add a pillow to your baby's crib. Rather than asking when should I add a pillow to the crib or when is it safe to add a pillow, you should rather ask when isn’t it safe to have a pillow in the crib. When children are younger than one year old, it is a worry to have a pillow or any other item in the crib alongside the child because of SIDS. This is Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. This is why it is never recommended to have a pillow in the crib when the baby is less than a year old.

It’s important not to have anything including a pillow in a baby's crib when they are under the age of 1 as they are very fragile and can be easily injured or even suffocated by the pillow. When you add toys and stuffed animals to a crib you increase the risk of injury and choking this is because the baby could put the toy in their mouth and choke on it. Having a pillow in the crib can also be a risk as the baby may be able to roll over and press their face into it and suffocate as they may not be able to turn back over.

This is why it is important to wait till the baby is over the age of 1 before adding anything into the crib that could be a danger.

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