When To Replace Divan Base

When to replace divan base

It is best to replace your divan bed when you are thinking about replacing your mattress. However, there is no need to buy a new divan base unless it is broken or you want to change your bedroom and you feel as though your bed is outdated or if you want a different design colour or size of your divan bed base. Some people can grow out of divan beds so you may need to think about replacing your divan base when you feel as though the bed isn’t suitable for you anymore.

Some signs that your divan bed needs replacing are:

  • Creaking and squeaking of the bed
  • Damaged wood
  • Poor sleep
  • Growing out of the bed
  • Body Aches

Where to buy a divan base?

You can find divan bases in any furniture and bed store, they can also be found online, finding divan beds to buy is quite easy now as with a click of a finger you can find what you are looking for, although it may feel like you are spending too much time looking, it is best to do so as you want to be sure you are buying a divan bed suitable for you, or any family member you are buying for.

How long do divan bases last?

There is no set time frame as to how long a divan base lasts, although it is recommended to replace your divan base every 7 years there is no rush, if you keep your bed frame to a great standard and don’t have anyone jumping on your bed then it should last longer 7 years.

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