When To Use Or Replace Your Mattress

When To Use Or Replace Your Mattress

How to know when to replace mattress?

  • Muscles become stiffer and start hurting frequently when you wake up or just laying upon your mattress. 
  • If you own a mattress with spring inside it is a bad sign if you hear the springs meaning the springs are damaged, worn out or just plain old and outdated. 
  • In the case if you have a partner, you share the mattress with, if you can feel them move on the mattress could maybe a sign you need to change your mattress for a newer one to aid both of you from suffering with other issues with the mattress later. 
  • Allergies with the mattress worsen or happen more frequently 
  • If your body starts to sink deeper into the mattress than it used to it could start to cause harm to your body and it is best to just change your mattress to a new one. 
  • Change your mattress if you start to see signs of wear and tear.

What happens to mattress after 10 years?

On average a mattress will double in weight over the course of 10 years from when it was originally bought. This because of a multitude of factors, a few of them being dust mites and detritus. With this being 1 of the few reasons why you should change your mattress, it could become a health hazard after 10 years and detrimental to your health.

Can I use mattress straight away?

It is best to wait a couple of hours to make sure that the mattress has fully expanded so it is soft and comfortable to sit and rest on. This is due to the packaging it was in compressing the mattress might have kept it from expanding right away. However, if the mattress is of a high quality, it should be ready to use straight out of the box without any worries. Most of the time you can just gauge it if the mattress is ready or not. Sometimes it can take up 2 days to fully be ready if the mattress is not that good. Moreover, it is usually safe to sleep on it on the first day you unbox the mattress due to the mattress being new you have use the mattress for it to become softer and more comfortable to sleep on.

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