Where Bed Bugs Live

Where bed bugs live

Bed bugs are a common pest in the UK and can be hard to detect as they are incredibly small and hide away in small openings, cracks, and crevices. If a bed bug has made its way into your home, they cleverly hide and live in places that are small and out of site, but nearby where humans sleep or rest so that they can use them for a blood meal.

Bed bugs are commonly found in your bed. This includes mattresses, bed frames, and box springs and general areas around your bed, such as furniture, and headboards. Bed bugs usually live in places near where humans sleep and rest, so check your bed and surrounding areas thoroughly. Lift and check the bedding and sheets, the tags and seams, the folds, and crevices. Check in common bedroom furniture such as desk and chairs, bed side tables, behind clocks, and crevices/corners in the wardrobe.

Also, bed begs can reside behind wallpaper, picture frames, upholstery, and furniture all over the house. So, check loose wallpaper and wall-hangings, it may be worth to take these off as opposed to lifting it up. Check all these items in areas where you sleep and rest, including your bedroom, living room and spaces you rest in the house.  When it comes to checking upholstery, check the seams, tags, folds and between cushions. Check between the folds of curtains. Remember, they won’t be living in plain sight!

Another place bed bugs can live is between drawer joints, piping, electrical sockets, electrical appliances, the ceiling, the junction where the wall and ceiling meet, under the edge of carpet, and cracks in wood floors.  Assure that all the corners, door frames and walls of the house are checked.

Signs of bed bugs

  • A reddish and dark spot of stain, because of crushed bed bugs or dried excrement 
  • Bed bug eggs or eggshells that are small, yellowish in colour
  • Bed bug infestation- cluster of small dark dots.

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