Where Did Four-Poster Beds Originate?

Where did four-poster beds originate?

When was the four-poster bed first created?

The origins of the four-poster bed are a little unclear, but it is believed the four-poster bed first originated in Austria. By the 15th century, the four-poster bed was introduced to the world, the bed was known as both four-poster and the great standing bed. The four-poster bed was also called the king of beds.

The four-poster bed was intricately carved, painted and dressed with drapes and curtains, the four-poster bed was a bed you could pass down through generations. A lot of the earlier beds had something called a tester that was hung from the ceiling, but when the four-poster bed was created the tester became an important part of the bed. The tester is the upper panel of the four-poster bed that is supported by the four pillars. This panel was made up of tapestries and gold tassels. The panels were also used to attach a curtain rail, which allowed beautiful curtains made of silk and embroidery to be hung. These curtains provided privacy to the sleeper as well as some extra warmth this was because the curtains helped to trap the person's body heat which helped to keep them warm.

What was the oldest four-poster bed?

The oldest four-poster bed is rumoured to be in Berkeley Castle, this four-poster bed is said to have stayed in their family for years and years. This four-poster bed is believed to be 400 years old and goes all the way back to 1560-1640 and is made of dark oak. This four-poster bed is very heavily carved with floral motifs and also has female and male figures carved into the columns of the bed.

What is the most expensive four-poster bed?

The most expensive four-poster bed of the modern era is the Baldacchino Supreme. This is a handmade bed that is made from chestnut, ash and cherry. The bed is worth £4 million and has 107 kilos of solid 24-carat gold also used on it.

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