Where Does The Name Ottoman Come From?

Where does the name ottoman come from?

Are you looking to buy a new storage bed but unsure of what to buy? Also, heard of an ottoman bed but not too sure what that is either? Well, you’ve come to the right place as here are Furnitureful, we have the answers to all your questions.

Before purchasing an ottoman bed ensure you do your research, this is where we come in as we specialise in a range of products including ottomans.

So, what is an ottoman? An ottoman bed is a bed with gas-lift hydraulics which lift the bed base to reveal a storage area underneath. Ottoman beds provide a great amount of storage in comparison to a drawer bed as you can make full use of the storage area underneath the ottoman bed.

Ottoman beds open from either the foot area of the bed or from one side of the bed. This depends on how the ottoman has been designed. This makes an ottoman bed a practical option for when space is limited in your bedroom, especially when you need to put away seasonal clothing or extra clothes. Ottoman beds are also, an ideal option if your bedroom is small.

What are the benefits of an ottoman bed?

There are many benefits of an ottoman bed but there are a few which stand out the most to consumers when they are interested in buying an ottoman bed. Here are a few benefits of an ottoman bed:

Ottoman beds keep your bedroom clean and tidy

Ottoman beds are perfect for storing extra towels, bedding and linens, such as duvets, sheets, and pillows. Things which are occasionally used are also ideal to be stored away in an ottoman if you don’t have space in cupboards and drawers.

This helps to keep your bedroom neat and tidy as well as free of clutter. When your room is free of clutter you can easily enjoy a calm space to unwind your body at the end of the day. Also, due to everything being stored away your items will stay clean and, dust-free too.

Current homes and apartments are made to fit smaller specifications. Therefore, how you use available storage space is becoming quite important, as the entire storage area under the mattress can be used which is why ottomans are excellent space-savers, especially for smaller homes and apartments.

Although, if you do have a guest room, loft room or even a box room you may not have enough space for extra furniture. Therefore, an ottoman bed can reduce your reliance on extra storage.

The history of the ottoman

The modern-day ottoman bed has a remarkably interesting history. The term ottoman comes from the place of origin: The Ottoman Empire, which was a ruling power founded in the thirteenth century in modern-day Turkey.

Ottoman furniture describes a style of wooden chests, footstools, and beds which first originated in what is now Turkey. The unique design of ottomans and storage functionality became extremely popular and was introduced throughout Europe by the eighteenth century.

Currently, ottoman beds aren’t just clever storage solutions; they look amazing, too. Whether your preference is traditional or modern, ottoman beds suit a range of styles.

From faux leather to fabric upholstery, you can personalise the perfect ottoman bed for you. Whether you want a pastel, neutral colour blend or a stylish, stand out statement piece, you’ll find a range of colours too.

What are the various sizes of ottoman beds?

Ottoman beds are available in a varied range of sizes such as single, double, king size, and even super king size.

Do ottoman beds come with a headboard?

The majority of ottoman beds do come with a complete matching headboard, but it depends on where you decide to buy your ottoman bed from.

To buy an ottoman bed with storage visit: Ottoman Storage Upholstered Grey Fabric Bed - FURNITUREFUL.

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