Where to buy futon sofa beds near me?

Where to buy futon sofa beds near me? 

Wondering what is a futon sofa bed? Well, a futon sofa bed is made up of a mattress and a frame which can be folded up to be used as a traditional sofa or chair in the day and extended for sleeping at night like a traditional bed. 
Futon sofa bed mattresses are at least 4-6 inches thick and they don’t contain springs like spring mattresses but they do however, need to be placed upon a compatible frame not any frame. 
Futon sofa beds come in two types, a 2 seater futon sofa bed or a single futon sofa bed. 
You can find futon sofa beds on the Argos website. They come in a variety of styles and colours too. According to our choice, Argos Home Tosa 2 Seater Futon Sofa Bed – Grey is one of the best options as it is affordable, trendy and comfortable too. To buy this futon sofa bed visit: Buy Argos Home Tosa 2 Seater Futon Sofa Bed - Grey | Sofa beds | Argos  
Futon sofa beds are great value and are great additions to any room within your home. Futon sofa beds are compact and a great solution for when unexpected guests arrive for a sleepover. 
Advantages and disadvantages of a futon sofa bed 
The advantages of a futon sofa bed are that it can easily be folded into a sofa.  
As stated before, a futon sofa bed is 6 inches thick which is great for pressure relief and comfort. 
Mostly made from foam to provide pressure relief to side sleepers. 
Also, another advantage is that the futon sofa bed is quite tall and away from the floor which is great for individuals who have dust allergies. 
Disadvantages of a futon sofa bed 
The disadvantages of a futon sofa bed is that they can be quite uncomfortable compared to a thicker mattress or a thicker sofa. 
The metal mechanism which makes up the futon sofa bed frame is quite hard and can make seating and sleeping uncomfortable. 
Also, another disadvantage is that a futon sofa bed is not attractive to everyone’s aesthetic and some may find it a bit too “cheap”. 
Other retailers also, sell futon sofa beds such as Amazon, Wayfair, Sofology etc.  
A budget friendly futon sofa bed we found on Amazon was only £129.99, made of wood, 135cm x 190cm in size and is made from textile which makes it great for comfort and lounging. To buy visit: Comfy Living 4ft6 LUXURY Double (135cm) Wooden Futon Set with PREMIUM LUXURY Cream/Natural Mattress : Amazon.co.uk: Home & Kitchen. According, to the reviews on the site this futon sofa bed is an easy to assemble sofa bed and is great for a spare room in your home

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