Where To Donate Bed Frame

Where to donate bed frame

There are many charities in the United Kingdom that accept bed furniture, including bed frames, such as: 

  • The British Heart Foundation 
  • Red Cross
  • Emmaus 
  • Sue Ryder 
  • The furniture reuse network

In general, most charity organizations do accept donations such as bed frames, furniture, mattresses, clothing, books, electronics, household items and appliances. However, check the charity website to be safe, the donations requirements and collection fee if they have it.

Charity organizations want donations that are clean, reusable, not broken or have missing parts, no stains, no rips, no holes, or bent frames and sometimes without a fabric cover. 

Go online or give the charity organization a call to find out if you are unsure your bed frame is suitable or not. 

1. The British Heart Foundation

British Heart Foundation accept beds, bases, and mattresses! They do free collections, so any type of bed frames, divan bases, mattresses, and bedroom furniture they are happy to take off you.

They can sell your bed frame at a store and use the funds to combat life-threatening conditions, such as coronary heart disease – the UK's number 1 killer- and fund ground-breaking scientific research to help people’s lives. 

2. Red Cross

Red cross is a humanitarian charity network, helping and supporting people in the world when a crisis strikes – they aim to help human suffering.

You can donate many second-hand furniture: this includes bed frames and can arrange a collection!

3. Emmaus

Emmaus can accept bed frames; they use furniture donations to save these precious items going to the landfill every year. Their goal is to help homelessness, helping people build a better life.

Even if items are a little worn out, Emmaus also states that they may be able to still take them off you by using them in their upcycling workshops!

They usually offer free collection, but make sure you phone them first. They have many charity shops in the UK, and you can ‘find my local Emmaus’ by using their website tool.

4. Sue Ryder

This charity organization vows to support people with a terminal illness, a neurological condition or someone who is bereaving a lost someone. Sue Ryder gives them care and support they need and deserve!

You can donate unwanted furniture and book a free collection to donate many items: sofas, tables, wardrobes, beds, small electrical items and much more.

5. The Furniture Reuse Network 

Furniture Re-use Network provide free collection for many furniture items, such as bed frames, mattresses, household furniture and much more. 

The aim to help reduce poverty and waste, working with 200 charities across the UK to help someone in need who sleeps on the floor, can’t eat without a cooker appliance, or who doesn’t have essential household items. The furniture re- use network wants to divert millions of usable household items, saving them from landfill and give them to low-income households, tackling poverty, saving hundreds of thousands of tonnes of CO2.

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