Where To Place Bedroom Furniture

Where to place bedroom furniture

It can be difficult to know where to place all the furniture in your bedroom especially if you have a smaller bedroom. Regardless of if you have a single or double bed, you will need to look at the room and see where the windows and doors are located in the bedroom. Obviously, you will have to measure the bedroom so you’re aware of the dimensions so you can purchase furniture that will actually fit in the bedroom. The bedroom furniture may include a bed, a wardrobe, a bedside table, a dresser, a dressing table, and a bedroom chair.

Not everyone will require all the bedroom furniture that is listed above and probably won’t even be able to fit it into their bedroom either if your bedroom is on the smaller side. It’s important to prioritise the essential pieces of furniture.

When you are planning the layout of your bedroom you should leave as much open floor space as possible, particularly where the bedroom door is located. This is because this is where people will enter your bedroom to greet you and they don’t want to walk into clutter and mess. It’s also important that the door is able to open fully without knocking into anything. Also when deciding what furniture to have in your bedroom you should think about what you are actually going to utilise your bedroom for, for example, there is no point in creating a reading corner if you don’t read.

How should you position your bed?

The traditional way to position your bed is to have it in the middle of the wall that is opposite the door, though this bed placement doesn’t work for every bedroom. If this bed placement hasn’t worked for you then you can try placing your bed against the longest wall, but when doing this you should use your own judgement. The most important thing when positioning your bed is to place it in an area that makes it easy to get in and out of bed.

Where to place the other items of furniture?

The main item of furniture is the bed and if that is positioned correctly then placing all the other furniture in the bedroom is a breeze. When placing your furniture is important to leave enough floor space and not clutter every corner of the bedroom as well as the door to enter the bedroom.

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