Which Bed Frame Is Best

Which bed frame is best:

What type of bed frame is the most durable?

The most durable bed frames are either a solid wood bed frame or a steel frame. These types of bed frames are the most durable so they can take a lot of weight and movement without the bed frame moving about. These types of bed frames are ideal for heavier people or if you want to fit more than 1 person on the bed.

How long do bed frames last?

A wooden bed frame last about 6 to 10 years if the bed frame is maintained and well looked after to make sure the wood does not start to tear or somehow get effected by mould, and if the wooden frame has any screws check if the screw has rusted, if they have them replaced to make sure that the wooden frame does not break when you are sleeping. For a metal bed frame, you are looking about 15 to 20 years for the bed frame to last if the metal frame is taken care of and maintained well. To make sure that the metal frame lasts as long possible, make sure that the screws are tightened properly, and the bed frame has not showed any signs of rusting to make sure the metal bed frame does not collapse whilst you sleep with a metal bed frame.

How important is a good bed frame?

A good bed frame will provide support to the mattress to make sure that the mattress does not move around while you are sitting, sleeping or laying on top of the mattress. If the mattress moves around a lot, it will affect the quality of sleep you will get at the end of the night. If the mattress moves about it means it is either the mattress itself or the bed frame. If the bed frame is the issue the issue it means the bed frame is falling apart and loose because the mattress should not move when you are on the bed. To solve this issue tighten up the screws holding the bed frame or use longer screws to make sure that the bed frame does not fall apart.

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