Which bed frame is the best?

Which bed frame is the best?

When buying a new bed frame here are some things to consider

Your mattress size: 

When buying a bed frame you want the mattress to fit perfectly, if the mattress is too big compared to the bed frame then it won’t fit and if the mattress is too small your mattress is likely to move around not giving you enough support. you would have to buy another frame or mattress causing you to waste a lot of money. Instead just pay attention the the mattress size and use it as a guide to what frame you would need. 

Your bedroom size:

Pay attention to your bedroom, if you have a small bedroom and you decide to buy a Large frame then it may be too big and take up your whole room, you won’t have any place to store anything and you won’t have any place to walk. 

Your height:

Take into consideration your height, you need a bed frame that will last you a long time no matter how much you grow. As people grow they get taller and they tend to grow out of there beds, if you get the correct size then you won’t have to worry about being uncomfortable and having your feet hang off the bed, you may need to replace your mattress but if you get the best bed frame for you. It will last a whole lot longer. 

The support you need:

Take a look at the support you will need, think to yourself will this frame match the level of comfort I need will it be able to support my body and will it fit perfectly with my mattress, does it tick all the problems I’m having. Will the bed frame last me 20+ years or will it last me 5-8 years. 

Type of material:

Look into the type of material your bed frame is going to be, metal bed frames may be cheaper and more modern, they can be more aesthetically pleasing and may last a few years. Wooden bed frames can last much longer, they don’t squeak, they can take a lot of weight. 


Most bed frames come with a headboard, however you can buy some without a headboard. If you are a person who likes to sit up in bed, to watch a movie over night or someone who wakes up early and works from home so sits in bed for a while and works, then a bed frame with a head bored is for you. You can also get a padded headboard or just a general headboard that is just there for appearance. 


Some bed frames have storages, some of them slide out and others are accessed through lifting the whole mattress to get to it. Storage is important for those who like to store things under there beds, and have a clean looking bedroom. Although it can be difficult to find the perfect bed frame with all the things you need. If you look hard enough you will find something that is for you. 

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