Which Bed Frame Is The Most Durable?

Which bed frame is the most durable?

What are the types of bed frames?

  • Wood bed frame
  • Metal bed frame
  • Fabric bed frames

  • Wood bed frame:

    Wooden bed frames are rural in appearance and have a more natural look. Every wooden bed frame is different and one of a kind no matter if the process to make the bed is identical. This is because all types of wood are different. A wooden bed is extremely durable and sturdy and the chances of it breaking are very slim. Oak wood bed frames are very popular due to the fact they are unaffected by fungal outbreaks and moisture. Whereas walnut bed frames are concentrated, tight-grained and will not wither or warp. Pine is also a good option if you are trying to match the wood of your bed to style of your bedroom décor this is because pine wood is natural in colour. It is also cheaper than the other types of wood as it is very popular.

    Metal bed frame:

    Metal bed frames are extremely versatile. Metal beds cater to most people, regardless of if you want a modern, or traditional, simple, or sophisticated; metal bed frames can work with a lot of bedroom styles and decors. If you want a strong bed, then the metal bed frame is as strong as they come. Metal bed frames typically cost less than wooden bed frames, which is a plus as it will allow you to invest in a good quality mattress. Metal bed frames don’t get damages by insects and mould, so they last a really long time and allow you to get the most out of your money.

    Fabric bed frames:

    Fabric bed frames are very customizable, as they come in a range of styles, colours, and materials. If you are going for warmth and comfort, then an upholstered bed is the perfect choice for you as it creates a warm and cosy atmosphere in the bedroom. Fabric beds are also durable as they have generally have a wooden bed frame under the material. Fabric beds also give you the added pleasure of being able to have a tv bed frame. These tv beds space in the footboard to keep a flat screen tv inside. Or if you would like additional storage then, the fabric bed frame also has the option of the ottoman bed frame. The ottoman bed frame has storage compartments hidden in the bed which allow you to maximise you space. 

    Which bed frame is the most durable?

    Even though, all three of the bed frames are durable the most durable bed frame is the metal bed frame.

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