Which Bed Frames Require A Box Spring?

Which bed frames require a box spring?

What is a box spring?

A box spring is a bed base that is made of a solid wooden frame that is wrapped in fabric and contains springs. Typically, the box spring sits on a wooden or metal bed frame that is placed on the ground and works as a brace. 

What bed frames will and will not require a box spring? 

Collapsible metal bed frame- If you have a collapsible metal bed frame you will require a box spring. This is because this bed frame provides no support to the mattress outside the perimeter. So, you will require a box spring for this bed frame so you can receive the sufficient amount of support. if you don’t have a box spring then there is a chance you could affect the warranty of the mattress.

Reinforced metal bed frame- This bed frame generally provides more support than a collapsible metal bed frame would and usually does not require a box spring. The added metal supports that are placed throughout the bed frame also help to evenly distribute weight. This then consequently reduces sagging or irregular wear to the mattress. It also gives a similar amount of support as the box spring would also give.   

Solid platform bed frame- Solid platform beds have a strong surface; because of this, they would not require a box spring. The strong surface that the solid bed frame has works the same as a box spring would in delivering a secure platform. Platform beds are typically lower to the ground than a class mattress would be with a box spring, this will give your bedroom a modern feel. Older individuals who experience back, hip, or joint pain won’t benefit from a platform bed as they are challenging to get in and out of.

Slatted platform bed frame- The slatted platform bed has similarities to the classic platform bed. The bed slats are used for support rather than having a solid base like the solid platform beds do. The slats will need to be close together to fulfil the warranty of the mattress.  The slatted platform bed will also not require a box spring.

Adjustable bed frame- Adjustable bed frames do not require box springs. Adjustable bed frames can move the height and angle of the mattress which helps to minimise the stress on the back and internal organs and also improves breathing and airflow.

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