Which bed size is the biggest?

Which bed size is the biggest?

There are 6 different types of beds and these include:


  • Four-poster bed 
  • Platform bed
  • Bunk bed
  • Canopy bed
  • Floor bed
  • Sofa-cum-bed (these beds are an ideal fit for people who live in studio apartments or those who have a small bed room. 

    Four-poster bed

    A four-poster bed is a bed that has four upright pillars, one in each corner of the bed which provides support for rectangular section at the top which is called a tester. This panel will generally have rails around the bed so that curtains can be moved back and forth around the bed. 

    Platform bed

    A platform bed is a low bed frame that has a strong base, either made from solid, metal or slatted that will hold up the mattress. A platform bed does not need a box spring so you will not need to buy any additional fittings. 

    Bunk bed

    A bunk bed is a bed that has a frame which is assembled one on top of another, which will allow two or more bed to use the floor room which is typically required by just one. These types of beds are mainly used in hostels, dormitories, summer camps, children’s bedroom, and prison etc. 

    Canopy bed 

    A canopy bed is a bed that comes with a canopy, which is generally draped with curtains. The canopy and the curtains allow to the bed to kept warmer and shade it from light and any other disturbances. 

    Floor bed 

    Floor beds are a bed that is placed on the floor. The bedframe that comes with a floor bed is extremely low to give the feeling of sleeping on the floor. 


    A sofa-cum-bed is a sofa that comes with a concealed metal frame under the mattress. The metal frame can be unfolded to reveal the full structure that mimics a bed. The sofa bed is multifunctional as it can be used as both a sofa and a bed.

    Which bed size if the biggest?

    The biggest beds are the canopy bed and the four-poster bed this is because they take up the most room on the floor as they have pillars and curtains that need to be draped and assembled. However, the bed that fits the most people is the bunk bed as it allows more than one bed to be stacked on top of each other. 

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