Which Desk Chair Is Best?

Which desk chair is best?

Choosing a chair for your desk may seem like an easy job, but when you think about it you realise a lot of factors affect your final decision. From the amount of time you sit in the chair throughout the day, to the climate of the country you live in, these variables will affect your opinion when deciding which office chair is best for you. A lot of us don’t pay attention to how we sit and it can affect our posture.

Types of desk chairs:

  • Ergonomic desk chairs
  • Leather desk chairs
  • Mesh desk chairs
  • Task/operator desk chairs
  • Kneeling ergonomic desk chairs
  • Heavy-duty desk chairs
  • Designer desk chairs
  • High-back desk chairs
  • Gaming desk chairs
  • Ergonomic stools

Ergonomic desk chair- the ergonomic desk chair is the most popular type of desk chair. Ergonomic desk chairs come with a range of benefits that outweighs the negatives. Ergonomic chairs are made to last, with a modern design and adjustable features.

Leather desk chairs- Leather desk chairs immediately provide a sense of style and comfort right from the start. Leather desk chairs can be expensive but you can find cheaper options too. Leather chairs should be utilised in cooler environments.

Mesh office chairs-mesh office chairs are ideal for hog environments as they are breathable with holes. The mesh enables free-flowing air to keep you cool throughout the day.

Task/ operator chairs- these chairs are known to be the most basic type of desk chair and the cheapest too. These chairs do the simple task of providing you somewhere to sit as well as having advantages such as proving lumbar support and headrests.

Kneeling ergonomic desk chairs- A kneeling office chair helps you analyse your posture and even encourages you to sit in a healthier way. The main purpose of this chair is to minimise the the stress on our lower backs by distributing our weight our knees and buttocks.

Heavy duty chairs- Heavy duty chairs are the largest and most strong type of chair. These chairs cater to individual who are larger and need more space. They have been tested to hold heavier weight.

Designer desk chairs- Designer desk chairs are designed to look good. Designer chairs aren’t limited by material, choice or size. They tend to mix and match lateens and colours.

High back desk chairs- High back desk chairs are specifically made taller people in mind. High back office chairs come in a range of styles, colours and features which makes it easy for you to find the perfect chair for you.

Gaming desk chairs- gaming chairs are designed with style and comfort and usually have ergonomic features that support you through long gaming sessions.

Ergonomic stools- ergonomic stool are amazing substitutes for desk chairs . They are a great way to take a break from extended sitting periods. These stools can aid in boosting productivity and even tone your core muscles.

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