Which Double Bed?

Which double bed?

Where to buy a double bed?

You can buy double beds from many places, such as furniture stores, furniture stores are bound to have beds but It is unsure if you are going to find the right size. Second-hand stores, are more affordable and you may find a double bed but you will have to look.

Online stores, online stores are bound to have the bed you want. You just search for a double bed and you will find one that is suited to your price range and your design and size. It is easier to look online than it is to look in person. You can even buy a double bed for family members.

What are the dimensions of a double bed?

The dimensions of a double bed in the UK are 135cm X 190cm.

Does a double bed fit a couple?

A couple can fit in a double bed however it may be a bit cramped, it is best to look at bigger beds for couples as you would want space to move around in and, being so close together may feel uncomfortable.

What is the most common bed to buy?

A double bed is the most common bed to buy as it is suitable for both children, teenagers and adults. It can also be used when guests come over. A single can be too small for someone and kids tend to grow out of them and anything bigger may take up a lot more room than needed.

What material are double beds made from?

Double beds can be made from a metal bed frame or a wooden bed frame. Wooden bed frames can be seen as more durable compared to metal beds. Both are very common, it’s all about preference when choosing which bed material you would like to sleep on. Wooden beds can hold more weight compared to metal ones. Metal beds are more stylish and look more elegant.

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