Which Hybrid Mattress is Firm

Which hybrid mattress is firm

The mattress that feels the most firm is a latex mattress so finding a mattress that is combined with latex will ensure you have a firm mattress. A innerspring mattress is quite firm too, so when looking for a firm hybrid mattress look into a inner spring hybrid mattress.

How to make a hybrid mattress firmer

To make a firm hybrid mattress firmer you can add a firm mattress topper, you can also flip your mattress so that you are laying on the firmer side of a hybrid mattress. You can also make a hybrid mattress firmer by adding wood or plywood under the mattress.

Advantages of firm hybrid mattresses

  • Less strain on muscles 
  • Circulation can improve 
  • Great for stomach sleepers 
  • Feels cooler, allows air to flow through the mattress  

Disadvantages of firm hybrid mattresses 

  • Not ideal for side sleepers 
  • Can cause back pain 
  • Can cause joint pains 
  • Gets softer as years go on 

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