Which Hybrid Mattress is the Softest?

Which hybrid mattress if the softest?

A hybrid mattress combines the memory foam, latex, or gel layers that provide comfort with the coil-based structure which provides support. 

What are the three types of hybrid mattresses and which is softest?

  1. Memory foam and innerspring mattress – The memory foam is a common mattress that people go for this may be because of its reduced reaction to pressure placed on the mattress or its deep body imitational factor. The memory foam and innerspring mattress is known to offer you the best of both worlds, the soft comfiness of the memory foam and the perfect amount of back and body support from the traditional innerspring mattress structure. The memory foam is known to be one of the softest mattresses as it allows you to feel as if you are sleeping on top of a cloud this is due to its sinking like feeling, your bod feels as if it’s fallen into a pile of cotton wool balls. Some people like to even describe the feeling as if they are being “hugged” by their mattress and what is better than getting a hug.
  2. Polyfoam and innerspring coils – Likewise to the memory foam, the polyfoam adjusts to you body. It is also increasingly reactive to pressure which is a disadvantage as it doesn’t allow as much pressure relief, however, it does offer an increased temperature controlling factor and additional comfort of movement. Similarly, to memory foam, polyfoam isolates motion good, however, maybe not good enough. The polyfoam mattress isn’t known to be extremely soft as its main purpose is to allow pressure relief and support movement.
  3. Latex and innerspring mattress – The main benefit of the 100% latex mattress is that that it has no deadly toxins.  Essentially, 100% natural latex do not have any synthetics or chemicals present. It is constant, and eliminates the possibility of the mattress breaking down. The coils in the mattress prevent the mattress from sagging or dipping. Upcycled steel coils that are stress-alleviated and heat-treated give you long-lasting form side-to-side support. Food-grade polypropylene fabric is wrapped around each spring and is not poisonous and not woven.  A distinctive cast like this makes each spring freely glide, bettering things such as support, airflow, spinal alignment. The latex mattress is soft, but it isn’t the softest mattress out there, its main benefit and purpose is to be toxic free and good for the environment it is also breathable. 


Which hybrid mattress is the softest overall?

The softest mattress overall is the memory foam and innerspring mattress this is because memory foam is known for this exact quality and it’s the main reason to why people purchase it. The memory foam is exceptionally soft and plush it sinks and encircles your body to make you feel warm, safe and comfortable, which essentially what a really soft mattress works to do.

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