Which IKEA Bed Frame Is Best?

Which IKEA bed frame is best?

IKEA is known for their extremely affordable furniture, to put together at home. When it comes to their bed frames, they have a variety of price and design options to choose from so there’s an option for everyone. 

Ikea bed frames popularities: 


Grimsbu's low profile design works best with mattresses that are not too thick otherwise you are not seeing the headboard and is extremely affordable. 

Hemnes twin bed frame 

The Hemnes bed frame is a wooden option that comes in multiple color options black-brown, dark gray, and white. 

Slakt twin bed frame 

The Slakt is a white, twin bed frame. It’s a simple bed frame with a headboard, a bed frame with two rows of storage. 

Songesand bed frame 

The Songesand bed frame is a great option for those that are looking for something simple but with a traditional style element. It comes in two colors, brown and white, and is available in a simple headboard or with a storage option. 

Slattum bed frame 

The Slattum is a grey upholstered bed that offers a full or queen size option for those that are for a low price point. Underneath the upholstering, there is a metal frame that holds everything together.

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