Which IKEA sofa bed is the best?

Which IKEA sofa bed is the best?  

Want to buy a sofa bed from IKEA? Not sure which is the best? We’re here to help.  

We found the most comfortable, stylish sofa beds you can buy right now, there's no denying IKEA offers a great range of affordable options in it’s own stores, delivering amazing values on fold-out sofa beds as well as clic clac sofa beds which are ideal for small spaces or home offices that double up as guest spaces. 
According to our research we found that IKEA had one sofa bed for only £115. To purchase this affordable and convenient sofa bed: https://www.ikea.com/gb/en/p/hammarn-sofa-bed-knisa-dark-grey-black-00361493/  
Advantages of this sofa bed are that it is affordable, quite easy to assemble and is small, which is great for small spaces in your home especially when you don’t have space for guests to sleep overnight. 
However, where there is a positive there is also, a negative, the negatives are that the sofa bed’s mattress is thin, and for some individuals this is bad especially for those who have back pain.  
Due to the mattress being thin, most consumers found it convenient to purchase a mattress topper for the sofa bed, to make it more comfortable. 
Although, if you want a sofa bed which is a corner sofa bed and don’t have a budget, then our suggestion is https://www.ikea.com/gb/en/p/friheten-corner-sofa-bed-with-storage-skiftebo-dark-grey-s09133543/ due this sofa bed having storage and coming in a range of colours which can stop you having the hassle of finding another sofa bed from another retailer. 
I mean what’s not to like? It’s a sofa bed which is fit for bigger spaces in your home, it’s only £599, comes with guarantee and is in a range of stylish trendy colours.  
So, according to our research we found these as the best sofa beds from IKEA’s range of sofa beds. Although, it is up to you and your budget and your preference.  

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