Which is better: a futon or a sofa bed?

We’re sure that you’ve heard about two of the hottest new bed types out there: the sofa bed and the futon. But do you know what they mean? Could they be the future for your bedroom? Or perhaps what you really need is a solid, traditional bed like an Ottoman storage bed, in reality? If you’re uncertain then you're in the right place. Here at Furnitureful we’re going to cover everything to do with these modern and trendy beds, from explaining what they are to, to their advantages and disadvantages as well any alternatives to them. So, without further ado, let’s get into it!

What is a futon?

A futon is a low lying frame for a mattress that when folded can turn into a recliner. These Japanese style beds are becoming increasingly popular however, they are not for everyone. Below are some pros and cons:


  • They are great space savers that can be rolled up and put away when not in use
  • Your bedroom can be designed in advance and the futon placed down afterwards, allowing you to truly experiment with the look and style of your bedroom.
  • Sleeping on a harder surface can help with back pain and futons are a relatively harder surface which can help alleviate back pain, even for pregnant women.


  • Unlike a traditional bed, futons can wear down more quickly, especially if they are of poor quality. In contrast, most beds are made to last ages, for example this gorgeous grey upholstered Ottoman storage bed from Furnitureful with free 48 hour delivery.
  • They may not suit your room aesthetics and have an unfortunate connection to the idea of ‘budget’ furnishings.

What is a sofa bed?

A sofa bed is a type of bed that can be converted into a sofa also by lowering the hinged back into a horizontal position.


  • multi-functionality means that the bed can be used as both a bed and a sofa, saving you space and money 
  • Sofa beds come in a wide range of designs that won’t necessarily clash with your other, more traditional furniture.


  • There are many beds that are better in terms of saving on storage space. For example, Ottoman storage beds are ideal for those who want to properly experience the comforts of a bed over a sofa bed whilst also allowing you to take advantage of the storage underneath.
  • Sofa beds may make you think that they are light and fluffy but the reality is that they can be quite heavy

Overall, it’s clear to see that both have their pros and cons. Although both are great space savers, in particular, we would recommend other bed types over them like the Ottoman storage bed or more traditional beds that are likely to leave you with a more enjoyable night time experience.

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