which is the best Sofa Beds for two people

  • Variety of sizes and colours

  • Can easily be assembled / disassembled 

  • Super affordable 

  • Super spacious

  • Stylish 

Sofa beds have greatly improved in appearance, comfort, compactness, and inconspicuity as technology in mattresses and bed frames has advanced. Sofa beds are always useful additions to your home especially if you've got a big family/frequent visitors.

Rather than blending into your living/front room suite unnoticed, furnitureful offers this trendy mid century , modern inspired sofa bed that makes a striking statement. For under 1000 this sofa bed has the added plus of being able to fold out as a double mattress.  So not only is it super affordable but it has a multi purpose usage.

If you’re thinking of putting a sofa bed in your living room as your main sitting, the good news is that it comes with matching furnishings to complete the look, including a similarly attractive armchair and footstool. 

The Otto Grey Fabric Sofa Bed is ideal for providing guests with a comfortable sleeping space for two. It is one of the most popular sofa beds on our website.

This practical, space-saving sofa bed that sleeps two is made to last, 

with materials that are highly durable and finished to a high degree. This comfy, grey convertible sofa is designed for all sleepers and is both highly padded and relatively inconspicuous, folding into a very attractive grey sofa that you'd never guess hides a double mattress.

The Otto sofa bed starts at £189.99, making them an affordable but versatile investment. To add, we offer an excellent delivery service that comes with the purchase , alongside a guarantee that we will deliver your sofa bed to you between 5-7 working days.

We hope that this blog has assisted you in making a decision.

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