Which Mattress Is Good For Back Pain?

Which mattress is good for back pain?

When choosing a mattress you need to consider your needs. Most people suffer with back pains and don’t realise that choosing the right mattress can relieve that pain and give them comfort. If your mattress is the cause of back pain then picking out the right one may also help cure back pain.

Memory foam mattress:

Memory Foam mattresses are considered to be good for back pain as the materials in the mattress moulds around the body providing pain relief. The body is supported with soft cushioned material, preventing any harsh or firm materials being pushed against your back giving you the support.

Hybrid mattresses:

Hybrid mattress are also good for the body as the mattress combines coils and latex layers, coils offer pressure point relief, they also push slightly against your back to support your spine and keeping it allied. Latex layers give support without letting your body fully sink into the mattress. Latex layers cradle the body which provides comfort and a restful sleep experience.

Firm or soft:

When picking out a mattress make sure to test out the feel and tension of the mattress. It is suggested to pick out a medium- firm mattress rather than a firm mattress as a mattress that is too hard as it can cause damage to your spine and cause misalignments. It is also suggested to not go for a mattress that is too soft as it won’t provide the support your back needs. It also may cause your back to sink into the mattress and your spine to bend causing you more pain.

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