Which Mattress To Buy?

Which Mattress To Buy?

When it comes to mattress buying, you’re not alone if you’re finding it quite daunting. There are many factors to take in account, as the best mattress will differ from person-to-person. It’s a ‘not one size fits all’ sort of thing. When mattress buying, its important to think about different factors which you can find below.

The Types of Mattresses

When choosing a mattress, it’s important to be aware of the different types of mattresses that are out there. 

  • Foam: the most well-known type, is memory foam. This type of mattress is made entirely of memory foam and doesn’t consist of coils. It contours and moulds to the shape of your body, enabling relief in joints and pain. This type of mattress can get quite hot, so it can cause discomfort to some sleepers.
  • Inner spring: consist of coils and can be categorized as ‘open spring’ or ‘pocket spring’.  These are springs that are either in one continuous coil or small, individual pieces of coil pocketed in a fabric. These types are bouncier than foam, better for hot sleepers but do not have good pressure relief.
  • Hybrid: a mix of foam and spring- giving an ideal blend for a comfortable and supportive mattress. A good benefit for hot sleepers, different body types and sleeping positions. It also is very durable.
  • Latex: is a highly durable cooler mattress. It is also perfect for sleepers who are mobile and turn frequently throughout the course of their sleep. However, many people who have latex allergies may deter from this option, so be aware of this.

The level of firmness: weight and sleeping position.

Firmness level is subjective. The measurement is usually a arrange from 1-10, increasing in firmness the higher you go up.

Different people will prefer a specific level and depending on weight and sleeping position it the firmness level will vary. It may be best to test try a few mattresses to see what your comfortable in as well as using the scale below.

1-3 - firmness level: extra soft, soft. For side sleepers under 130 pounds

4-6 – firmness level: medium soft, medium, medium firm. For side sleepers and back sleepers, ranging from 130-230 pounds.

7-9 – firmness level: medium firm, firm, extra firm. For side, back and stomach sleepers. Where side sleepers over 230 pounds and back/stomach sleepers between 130-230 pounds.

Sleeping position – type of mattress

  • Back sleepers – best mattress type: Hybrid. When sleeping on your back, it is important you use a mattress that doesn’t allow the torso to create a dip in the mattress as it can affect the lower back.  Back sleepers are more prone to injure their lower back- known as ‘lumbar’ area of their spine. This affects having a healthy spine alignment. The best type of mattress is a medium to firm mattress.
  • Side sleepers- best mattress type: foam / memory foam mattress. Side sleepers put pressure on their shoulders and hips, creating a dip in spinal alignment too. therefore, its necessary to get the correct level of firmness – ideally a softer option to cushion these areas of the body but also be supportive enough to align the spine with a medium soft to medium firm matters.
  • Stomach sleepers- best mattress type- firm hybrid or foam. Stomach sleepers are most likely the most prone to damaging their back, as this position puts pressure on the spine which creates a U-shaped dip. This can subsequently lead to neck and back pain. It is important to pick the correct mattress type for stability and support.
  • Combination sleepers – hybrid, latex, foam that supports movement. It may not be ideal to have memory foam, as it can make it difficult for sleepers to change positions easily as they might get stuck in the ‘sinking’ feeling of memory foam.

What mattress to buy for back pain

Having a well picked mattress is crucial in the recovery and avoidance of back pain.

Firm mattresses are generally the best type of mattress to give support, however the mattress must also be comfortable too.  This means that you need to pick a mattress that gives you the correct support and comfort. Weight is a key factor to look out for.

The heavier a person is, the more support and so firmer, the mattress needs to be. The type of sleeper you are also determines what sort of mattress is best for certain parts of your body to be relived from pressure which have been mentioned already.

It is a good suggestion to test out mattresses at retailers to see what the best type of firmness for you is., as we don’t want to compromise comfort over support and vice versa.

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