Which Mattress Type Is the Best?

Which mattress type is the best?

What are different types of mattresses?

There are five categories that mattresses can be categorised into, these are:

  • Innerspring
  • Memory Foam 
  • Hybrid 
  • Latex
  • Airbed 

Innerspring Mattress

The innerspring mattress is the oldest and most used mattress out of all five types listed. This type of mattress uses a metal wire structure that is joint together with springs to construct a support frame that is then wrapped in fabric with cushioning material that is applied to the top of the mattress for additional support. 

Pros of Innerspring Mattress

Cons of Innerspring Mattress

  • Innerspring mattresses are bouncy this is a pro because a bouncy mattress makes it easier to get in and out of bed. This also makes it easier to move around in your sleep.

  • As innerspring mattress don’t have as much material in their comfort layer, the mattress is less prone to have a noticeable odour. 

  • Innerspring mattresses are also the least expensive option there is along with foam beds.

  • The uniform sleeping surface of the innerspring mattress makes it an ideal mattress of stomach sleepers. This is because stomach sleepers need to have their bed pushed back to stop their hips from dropping into the bed where the spine can’t rest in its natural position.

  • The main con of having an innerspring mattress is that because of its coil structure it can start to sag early on. This is because are only a few layers separating your body to the coil system.

  • As the innerspring mattress are bouncy, they don’t level well in the isolation tests. This makes them a less attractive bed for couples who share a bed. 

  •  The most frequent complaint the innerspring mattress receives is that is to firm. This is because of the minimal design of the comfort layer, which causes them to offer minimal contouring.

Memory Foam

A memory foam mattress merges a layer of memory foam with springs or support foam. Memory foam utilizes your body heat to soften and mould the mattress to your shape.  This then ultimately provides significant support and comfort. 

Pros of a memory foam mattress

Cons of a memory foam mattress

  • Memory foam mattresses are soft.

  • The memory foam mattress moulds to your body and the mattress also keeps its shape once you move around.

  • Memory foam mattress are also extremely easy to find online this is because of their every growing popularity.

  • They also provide motion isolation. Memory foam mattresses learn movement which could be beneficial when sharing a bed with a partner or pet.
  • Memory foam mattresses vary in quality. Although you can find some very high-quality memory foam mattresses, there are also many low-quality memory foam mattresses too. This is due to the rise in popularity in these types of mattresses.

  • This type of mattress may release gas this is because memory foam can produce chemicals, which have a distinct smell. 

  •  Memory foam mattresses have also been known to make people feel “stuck”. Although many people like the contouring a memory foam mattress offers, many people do not like it as it makes them feel as if they are sinking into the mattress rather than laying on top of it.

  • Hybrid

    A hybrid mattress is a multi-layer mattress that blends memory foam, latex, or gel along with an innerspring system. Sleepers can feel both the pressure relief of the foam layers and the durable feel of a traditional spring mattress. 

    Pros of a hybrid mattress

    Cons of a hybrid mattress

  • A hybrid mattress offers joint and back support. This is because the hybrid includes a unique mixture of a pocket coil mattress spring and many types of memory foam for a mix of joint and back support for all sleeping positions. 

  • The hybrid also provides pressure point relief. A mattress that is to firm can make you put incorrect pressure on your joints whilst you are sleeping. The hybrid mattress is created with a comfort layer to support your body as you sleep.

  •  The hybrid mattress also includes the pocket coil support system. Hybrid mattresses offer the same wireframe the innerspring mattresses do, and this spring system allows people to sleep comfortably on a higher density mattress. 

  • Thy hybrid mattress also has a cooling feature, the mattress takes advantage of the airflow that is given by the frames cooling features.
  • The hybrid mattresses have heat retention. As we sleep our bodies release heat, and the memory foam can trap it and you feel even hotter.

  • Memory foam isn’t right for everyone and the hybrid has memory foam in it. If you are an individual that prefers firmness of a traditional innerspring mattress then you won’t enjoy the hybrid even though it does have elements of the innerspring incorporated into it. This is because you won’t be getting the same, soft, pillow top feeling because of the memory foams texture.

  • Latex

    A Latex mattress combines latex foam with either springs or reflex foam to make a supportive and stable sleep surface. 

    Pros of latex mattress

    Cons of latex mattress 

    • The latex mattress offers comfort, 1/3 people who own a latex mattress have reported pain reduction and pain prevention. The latex helps to alleviate pressure points and prevent or decrease any other pain. 

    • Latex mattresses also have an increased longevity, all latex mattresses be likely to outlast other types of mattresses 2- 7 years, on average giving comfort for 10-12 years.

    • The latex mattress does not release any gas which is a benefit for people who are sensitive to smells.

    • When people first purchase a latex mattress, they commonly report about the excessive firmness. 

    • The mattress forms imprints of where the person generally sleeps.

    • The latex mattress has also been reported of trapping heat which will make it difficult to sleep as our own bodies release heat whilst we are sleeping to.



    An air bed is an inflatable mattress or sleeping pad.

    Pros of an airbed mattress

    Cons of an airbed mattress

    • One of the main pros of having an air bed, especially when it’s used as a permeant or main bed, it that it allows you to choose how soft or firm you want the mattress. Add more air for a firm mattress and less for a softer mattress

    • An air bed can be a huge benefit with people who suffer from back pains and other body or joint pains. This is because you can make the mattress as firm as you would like it which will help with improved pain relief and body contouring. 

    • Because of PVC material used to make the mattress, there are no off-gassing odours.
    • The assembly time on an airbed can take anywhere between 30-60 minutes and may require 2 people.

    • As an air bed relies upon the built-in pump, if it becomes defective, you will need to get it repaired by either the warranty or by cost. 

    • Warranties are usually shorter on-air beds then on latex of innerspring mattresses, so if the PVC mattress structure or pump does become faulty you may need to pay towards it.

    Which mattress is best overall?

    The hybrid mattress seems to be the best mattress overall this is because it incorporates features from the other mattresses that people love to create a mattress that suits almost everyone.  

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