Which Mattresses Are Best To Use To Sleep On The Floor?

Which mattresses are best to use to sleep on the floor?

There are five categories that mattresses can be divided into, these are:

  • Innerspring
  • Memory Foam 
  • Hybrid 
  • Latex
  • Airbed 

Innerspring Mattress

The innerspring mattress is the oldest and most used mattress out of all five types listed. This type of mattress uses a metal wire structure that is joint together with springs to construct a support frame that is then wrapped in fabric with cushioning material that is applied to the top of the mattress for additional support. 

Memory Foam

A memory foam mattress merges a layer of memory foam with springs or support foam. Memory foam utilizes your body heat to soften and mould the mattress to your shape.  This then ultimately provides significant support and comfort. 


A hybrid mattress is a multi-layer mattress that blends memory foam, latex, or gel along with an innerspring system. Sleepers can feel both the pressure relief of the foam layers and the durable feel of a traditional spring mattress. 


A Latex mattress combines latex foam with either springs or reflex foam to make a supportive and stable sleep surface. 


An air bed is an inflatable mattress or sleeping pad.

The best mattress to use to sleep on the floor is the airbed this is because it allows you to choose how soft or firm you want the mattress. Add more air for a firm mattress and less for a softer mattress which is ideal for using it to sleep on the floor. Depending on what kind of floor you want to place your mattress on, whether it is a carpeted floor or a laminated flooring. The airbed is also a good mattress to use to sleep on the floor because it doesn’t need added support from the bed frame as some of the other mattress option need. An air bed can be a huge benefit with people who suffer from back pains and other body or joint pains. This is because you can make the mattress as firm as you would like it which will help with improved pain relief and body contouring, this is an ideal feature to have in any mattress but especially one that is being utilized to sleep on the floor. Another reason to why an airbed is good to use to sleep on the floor is because it is collapsible which is deal when sleeping on the floor or having limited space this because you can inflate and deflate when needed which can save floor space during the day when you are not sleeping.

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