Which Orthopaedic Mattress Is Best?

Which orthopaedic mattress is best?

Which orthopaedic mattress is best for back pain?

Memory foam mattresses can help people who suffer from back and joint pains as memory foam mattresses offer comfort and they mould around the body giving comfort and providing pressure relief they also respond to the natural curves of the body for example hips, shoulder and spine.

Latex mattresses can also help those who suffer from body pains as they can also provide soft comfort and support with spine alignment, it also helps pressure points and offers release of any tension also medium firmness is great for those who need orthopaedic mattresses, as it helps with lower back problems.

Which orthopaedic mattress is best for side sleepers?

Memory foam mattresses are also great for side sleepers as they cradle the body and mould to the shape of your body, with the help of your body heat. For side sleepers, it is recommended that they purchase a soft-medium or medium-firm mattress.

A side sleeper should avoid firm mattresses as it doesn’t give the right amount of support for a side sleeper. It will feel uncomfortable and may cause damage to your body alignment when laying on the side. It may cause hip pains and shoulder pains.

Which orthopaedic mattress lasts the longest?

Orthopaedic mattresses are made with high-quality materials and so they last between 7-10 years. The type of mattress that lasts longer is a latex mattress. They last longer as they are made of special materials and high-quality materials that help last longer than regular mattresses.

Beds that are made with high-density memory foam and polyfoams last longer than low-density beds. Hybrid mattresses don’t last as long and innerspring beds also have a short lifespan anywhere between 5-6 years.

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