Which sofa bed is best for everyday use?

Buying a sofa bed is one sleeping solution that is stylish, practical and a way to save money especially if you are a first-time buyer, trying to utilise the space that you have in your home. Last week on the blog we touched on 3 reasons why sofa beds are good for everyday use but another question that you may have is which sofa bed is the best for everyday use. Read on as we answer this question and assist you on your journey of buying an everyday sofa bed for your home. 

What is a sofa bed? 

Sofa beds are sofas that unfold into a bed at any time that you choose. By day it is a form of seating for your you and your visitors to relax with each other however by night it is a bed that you can sleep on and rest until the next morning when you can pack it away again. There are 2 types of sofa beds, ‘Clic- Clac’ beds and ‘Pull out’ sofa beds. 

Pull out sofa bed 

Pull out sofa beds are sofas with a bed frame hiding inside. All you have to do is pull up the Cushions and unfold the frame to reveal a mattress ready to sleep on.

Clic-Clac Sofa Beds

Clic-Clac beds are simple beds that have a mechanism that allows you to pull the back of the sofa forward until it makes a click sound and the back of the sofa is pushed back until it's a flat surface making a clack sound. 

Although sofa beds are affordable and the perfect cross between living and bedroom furniture for everyday use the best way that either type of bed can be properly enjoyed is through added accessories that will increase the overall comfort of the sofa bed. Although these items may need to be stored separately, it may be the extra effort that allows your sofa bed to be appropriate for everyday use.


Pillows and Throws 

This is an affordable way to add comfort to your sofa bed. If there is room in your main bedroom and you have a stylish ottoman bed like ours, you can keep extra items there until you are ready to use it. For a fashionable statement pick pillow and throws with an abstract pattern or colour that can contrast with the sofa bed and plain bedding. This will make it both attractive to look at and sleep on!


Good quality bedding 

Investing in some cotton bedding can improve the overall comfort of your sofa bed if you want to use it every day. You can go for a cotton cover which is the most common type of material and is low maintenance. Make sure that you go for a duvet cover with a 300+ thread count for protection. If you are feeling luxurious you can also choose a silk duvet set that will keep you warm especially when the weather is humid and like a queen or king every time you get into bed!


A Mattress topper 

Finally using a good mattress topper with good cushioning will help to make the surface you are sleeping on more comfy. You can read more about mattress toppers on our blog here!


We hope that this blog helps you in all your sofa bed endeavours. Make sure to check our other blog posts here at Furnitureful, where you can learn how to get the comfiest nights sleep. Check out our ottoman beds on our online store and start creating your own Furnitureful story. 

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