which sofa bed is most comfortable for sleeping?

Which sofa bed is most comfortable for sleeping? 

Looking for a comfortable sofa bed for sleeping? You’ve come to the right place.  
The question is now, were you looking for a comfortable sofa or a comfortable bed? What about a comfortable sofa and bed? That is exactly what we provide here at Furnitureful, comfortable, high quality sofa beds where you get both items in one piece of furniture. 
Now we know that sofa beds have a poor reputation and have a reputation for only being used for emergency purposes such as last minute guests. Sofa beds are known as being opened as a last resort as most people prefer to use air mattresses for guests. Sofa beds are known as last minute resorts due to the fact that they are uncomfortable as their mattresses are slim. However, despite the poor reputation we have challenged ourselves to make the most comfortable sofa bed and we have succeeded. 
There is nothing better than testing out the sofa beds for yourself with a 60 night trial, and we have a range of sofa beds on display on our website where we believe you will find the perfect model that will fit your needs as a sofa as well as a bed. 
When we as a team started designing a comfortable sofa bed, we took onboard reviews of customers and improved our product even more. Through customer reviews we established that the sofa bed needed to be as comfortable to sleep on as an everyday bed. 
So, rather than using a slim mattress like every other sofa bed, we decided our sofa beds mattresses will start at 12cm depth to 18cm depth making them instantly supportive. Although your sofa bed doesn’t come with a mattress, on our website we have a range of mattresses to meet your needs, from Pocket Sprung to Memory Foam. 
Visit: https://www.furnitureful.com/collections/our-mattresses-range to check out our range of sofa beds mattresses for your needs. 
After all consumer research was taken on board we ensured that the bed part of the sofa bed was the most comfortable but also, ensured that the sofa part didn’t lack any comfortability. This is why we designed a range of sofa beds in a range of styles and designs, making them stylish and high quality with the best craftsmanship, leaving you to decide which one is the best for you. 

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