Which Sofa Is Best For Animals?

Which sofa is best for animals?

There are sofas that are more suited to pets than others, this is why its important to do your research before purchasing a sofa when you have pets. It will save you from a lot of headache in the future as it will allow you to buy a sofa that won’t be easily ruined by your pets.

The best sofa materials for pets:

The most crucial decision you will have to make when purchasing a sofa when you have pets is picking what material you would like your sofa to be as this is what can be ruined by your pets if it isn’t the right material. There are a range of leather and fabric materials on the market that are an ideal option for any home that has pets.

Best leather material for pets:

As a material leather is ideal as it is strong and very easy to wipe down, which makes it perfect for pets. Leather is also a good option as it doesn’t have weave so there won’t be, and nasty smells stuck in between the fibres of the sofa. If you have pets and you are purchasing a leather sofa, you should make sure that even if you have the most durable leather possible, in time it will wear down and have visible marks and scratches from the pet. There are ways you can prevent this. 

Leathers such as distressed, essential, and modern are all pigmented and are perfect if you’re in the search of a material that won’t scrape or show scratches from your pet. The difference between this leather and the previous leather is that this leather has a layer of polymer surface coasting that is put onto the material whilst it is being made. Which provides the leather a layer that protects it from scrapes and scuffs. 

What are the best fabric materials for sofas?

If you are wanting to purchase a fabric sofa, there are some things you will need to give some thought into, such as choosing a material that isn’t going to get damaged, have hairs get stuck or cling on to bad smells from your pets. 

Hypoallergenic fabrics are perfect for pets and also look very nice too. When purchasing a hypoallergenic fabric pick one that has a natural weave like wool or linen. This is because these types of fabrics do not pick up any small particles, so they wont store as much hair as other fabrics would. The material is also breathable, so it won’t lock in any bad smells. 

Which sofa colour is best for pets?

After the first step is completed and you have picked out the ideal fabric for your sofa, you will then need to choose your preferred colour and pattern. If you have pets you will need to look at the colour of their coat and use that to determine the colour of your sofa as there may be some hair that will be stuck to the cushions.

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