Who Accepts Mattress Donations?

Who accepts mattress donations?

When you are finding out that you can donate your mattress that could be the first step for some people so they can free up some space in their house for a new bed possibly. The most general thing that most people are most likely to do is when getting rid of an old mattress is just toss it into the trash or recycle it, not even thinking that someone else could use that.

Simply removing the mattress from your home isn’t hard but there are strict guidelines about you throwing them away in most municipalities. One simple way is donating, which is easier in most places.

Types of stores that you can donate or gift your mattress

  • AMVETS thrift stores
  • Furniture Bank Association of North America
  • Some Goodwill locations
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • The Salvation Army
  • Facebook
  • Local shelters and non-profits
  • Family and friends

Who will need your mattress donation?

Many people can’t afford a mattress when they need one. In the United States, there is at least 20% of people whose homes carry furniture-related debt. so many of these people aren’t that willing to take on more once the main furniture such as the couch or the dining table is taken care of first.

People that are living in poverty could use a used mattress that can provide them with a safe place to sleep. As there are many nonprofitable organizations where you do drop off at donation stations or even mattress removal services that can help and get the beds to the people who need them.

Do Charities take off mattress cycling?

Many charities would opt for the mattresses that are donated to be recycled that are for those that you can’t donate in need. If your bed is in good condition then, charities like homeless shelters or thrift stores may accept the furniture. Or organizations such as habitat for humanity and furniture banks of North America can take mattresses too.

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